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A blast of Flash from the past…The Breeze, by Dr. Dog

I love this song by Dr. Dog and wanted to learn about Flash animation so I thought why not make up an animation for it, how hard could that be? The result is my primitive rendering of a story about a starman & his journey to get back up into the sky with the other stars; in the process I also learned about Illustrator and After Effects. This was basically my little creative side project I worked on in a lot of my spare time and spent plenty more time dreaming it all up back and forth on the way to work (the ACME Poster Company may or may not resemble the federal building I worked in during that time). I’d say it all took about a year (yes, it really took me a year!!) to put this whole thing together. I’m neither an animator or illustrator but was curious about all of it and spent plenty of time taking tutorials on lynda.com