Voices of the Resistance

Experimenting with audio & photos & inspired by some motion graphics from VICE News

Call me the breeze

A little slomo + a filter makes a breeze so much better. Best reason to have the iphone 6 is for the 240 fps (although I really wish it was 1080 resolution).

DC Rollergirls

The roller derby is fun to watch and even more fun to film! This is a little trailer from some clips from a bout. I was both experimenting on where I should position myself to get the best shots Ithere were a lot of potential good shots but the refs were always rolling into themO and also with camera settings in some challenging low-light conditions.

Some scenes from Snowzilla 2016

After the snowfall, I took my video camera out to capture some scenes from around town. I had originally wanted to get up to Dupont Circle to film the big snowball fight but the metro wasn’t running that day and I finally settled on sticking to my neighborhood in Capitol Hill and the sledders at the Capital rather than trying to ride my bike on snowy streets up to Dupont. When the metro started running the next day, I covered a bit more ground.

Picture yourself

Shatner meets the Beatles meets Lucy the dog. What the??? William Shatner sings The Beatles…a version of Lucy in the Sky so odd that it’s so oddly good and was the perfect inspirational background clip (please don’t sue me William Shatner) to use for some experimenting with my Canon 70-200 lens, a GoPro harness and some motion graphics techniques in After Effects.

SCOTUS: Scenes from the marriage equality ruling, June 26 2015

A big day at the Supreme Court. A VERY BIG DAY. I live near the Supreme Court–within jogging or biking distance and getting to come see the results of the bit rulings in June never fails to amaze me. The energy & momentum on this particular day seemed magical. When the interns ran out with the ruling, I was positioned at the foot of the stairs & edge of the crowd. I got that shot of them running across out with the rulings and then stepped up a couple stairs and turned as the crowd found out the news. It was an outburst of pure joy. The young man in front of me shouted, “It’s a great day to be an American!” It really was.

SCOTUS: Scenes from the ruling on ACA, June 25, 2015

The ruling on Obamacare; ACA is here to stay.

What I did on my summer vacation

Images from a summer road trip through Minnesota, North Dakota & Montana

Geriatric Punk Rock Skateboarding Girl

Cool tune, cool women. Hardly geriatric.

Beast Coast 2015: Air

Some high flying highlights from the 10th Annual Beast Coast Jam at Gateway Park, Arlington Virginia.

Cherry Blossom Season in Washington DC

For me, spring in DC really begins to feel like it’s arriving when those first hints of cherry blossoms start to show up. Even before the little buds appear, there’s following along with all of the cherry blossom peak forecasts, relearning the terminology (florets, puffy white, peduncle elongation…what!?!) anticipating and sometimes worrying for the little buds and blossoms when cold weather hits. This year, when a late spring snow fell and with the Tidal Basin frozen over, I decided I’d take my video camera down and attempt to capture the the whole process, from before until after the bloom (and all those technical bud terms in between).

It was a good excuse to have many visits with the cherry trees. The weather changes one day and all of a sudden the blossoms seem to pop out of nowhere, or there’s a rain or wind and the petals fall. There’s maybe one really good day when that pretty pink carpet of petals settles on the grass like pink snow. I have some extra equipment that helps to capture smooth shots and, rather than toting all of that down to the Tidal Basin, I filled in with some other cherry blossom trees in town from Congressional Cemetery and the National Arboretum. It was all a good excuse to get to see more cherry blossoms than I normally do in the spring.

The song, “When the Moon Begins to Arise,” was kindly provided by Davide Martello. Two years ago, I was riding my bike near the mall in DC and happened to hear beautiful music; it turned out that Davide was playing his grand piano right there in the middle of the mall and I stopped to listen and take a photo of him. About a week later, I was in New Orleans, I heard beautiful and somewhat familiar-sounding music and there again when I turned the corner was Davide Martello! They were two lucky encounters; his music is on my frequently played background music playlist. His Facebook page:

The Wait

Through her mural design, Nekisha wanted to make a comment on the theme of change and gentrification that’s happening in the Park View neighborhood along Georgia Avenue. In the mural you can see one big spaceship and some smaller ones along with creatures and small children facing it. As they watch, what are their emotions? Are they anticipating something? Are they fearful? Excited? Are they waiting for other creatures to come visit? Maybe they’re waiting to board the spaceship. The story was intended to be an open-ended one, left for viewers to come up with their own interpretations. It’s a reflection on the myriad reactions we have to change; gentrification in neighborhoods changes things and there are many complex emotions that go along with it.

While shooting the film, we had the chance to talk with Doreen Thompson, a long-time DC resident and co-founder of the Georgia Avenue Business Association, about neighborhood changes she’s witnessed over the years. We also talked with Kent Boese, chair of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A, and got his insight into the neighborhood and its history. Kent also runs and has written the book, “Images of America, Park View.” His research helped to give me a fuller historical context for understanding the neighborhood.

By documenting it, I had the opportunity to see the whole story unfold and come to life and I became quite attached to those creatures and beings. Mothership diner is closed but the mural is still there at Georgia Avenue and Lamont Street, NW and I’d encourage readers to go get a first-hand look at Nekisha’s art and come up with their own interpretations. While there are no immediate plans for the Mothership building, change along with all the emotions tied into it will likely come at some point.


I’m working on a longer parkour video but this is a little footage from a filming session